What do you do…

…when you can’t sleep?

Wilbur is sawing logs so loud that he’s liable to wake the neighbors. Me, I’m wide awake. I can’t sleep and haven’t had an easy time in the last two months. Why you ask, well it’s because my white noise is nonexistent. My white noise was my best friend, Oscar.

Oscar was the meanest, grumpiest, fat cat ever to walk the earth or at least Lafayette, Indiana. My friends affectionately referred to him as Devil Cat. He would growl and hiss at everyone, except me. Me he loved. I can do a great impression of him going spastic, when you see me just ask. When Wilbur and I started dating Oscar hated him. So Wilbur did what any self respecting human would do, he bit my cat! It worked because Oscar loved Wilbur too.

So this white noise thing. For the better part of ten years, oscar slept on or near my head. I would look at this guy and he would purr. Not just any purr, it was so loud. It would keep Wilb up at night, not me. It was lights our for this Frau. Often times I would leave my bed to find Oscar if I couldn’t sleep so I could hear him purr.

We’ve been talking about maybe getting another cat, but I don’t know. I keep going back and forth. For now. Oliver needs my attention and I need to shove Herr and making the snoring stop.

This is how we used to sleep.

Oscar Pals
6.29.2004 – 5.27.14

Where do you put…

…your focus?

This past year, the young professionals organization I belong to  Tippy Connect started a mentoring program for young professionals in the Greater Lafayette Area. I am proud to say, I was large part of starting this program. More information about it can be found here. We had a great response to participate of the program that when matching up the mentors and mentees, there wasn’t enough mentors for me to have one – so I went out and found my own mentor. I am having a great time learning from him and during our first meeting, he taught me something that I have been struggling with for some time.


I tend to freak out about things I can’t control, put lots of focus on it and spazz out. It takes up so much time in my head and drives me bananas.

He drew me two circles and they were overlapped – in one he wrote control and the other was concern. The control circle was much bigger. He said that I need to put 80% of my focus on things I can control and what I can’t control should be a concern. So, if I can’t control it, it needs to be a concern. It is still should be on my mind, but shouldn’t be a focus because I can’t control it. When I start to freak out about things, I stop and think which circle is this in – control or concern? Taking a step back and evaluating things in my life has made a huge difference and has calmed me so much. I used to flip out over the stupidest stuff and now, notsomuch. I find myself slipping and that is okay, I know that is something I can control. I redirect my focus and control my actions and move on.


I’m in a rut…

… a cooking rut. I love to cook, and when I say I love it, I truly mean it. I don’t complain about cooking dinner. I don’t care if it takes three hours to make dinner, just as long as it is good to eat. Now Wilbur cares that it takes three hours to make dinner – damn it he doesn’t want to eat at 8 o’clock at night. To be honest, I don’t want to eat that late either. But more often than not, we are eating dinner at 7pm. Oh well, the food is good (most of the time) and hot.

So about this rut I’m in when it comes to cooking. I feel like I’m making the same things over and over again – does this ever happen to you? If it was up to Wilbur, each week our menu would consist of bastardized tacos, frozen pizza, stupid spaghetti, and a bagged meal. Me, I prefer to make things from scratch. Like hamburger buns, pizza, noodles, bread, sauces, dressings, and gravy. I love gravy – but not sausage gravy – blarf! I am struggling each week what to make and for whatever reason it is stressing me out. So any suggestions you want to share with me, I will take them. I know I put too much pressure on myself to be a good cook. It is soooooooooooooooo stupid that I do this. I can’t help myself. It started because in my “old” group of friends, I was known as the good cook. This is where the pressures originates. I need to go back and look at recipes I have marked in my reader and saved on Pinterest. Maybe I will find some inspiration. Who knows, maybe I will invite you over for dinner. Let’s see if anyone takes me up on it.

I can barely move my fingers, so tired from Dancing & Cruising in the Streets this Saturday. I help with it and emcee one of the stages, help with set up and tear down – I have the blisters to prove it. Now I want to sleep. This is what I’m going to do. Good night.

Have you heard of …

… #30DaysOfCityLove?

I have been a faithful reader of a certain number of blogs for many many years. Since I am more active on Twitter then any other social media site, that is where I tend to learn about other ones as well. One of the ones I have recently started following is from a local citizen of my community and this is her blog. http://thewinestain.com

I love what she writes about. I love her honesty, her sass, and her point of view on life. She recently blogged about her experience of the #100daysofhappiness. And then she mentioned about the #30DaysOfCityLove.

Now I got on the 100 days of happiness for little over a month and then this whole “had to go get married” thing sort of was a little distracting for the time being. So that got put on hold, don’t worry I’m going to jump back on that after this.

While Wilbur and I were on our honeymoon, I was perusing my Feedly site and noticed Ashley posted about 30 days of city love. The idea is for 30 days you post pictures on a social media website of things you love about your city. You can post on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook or any other social media platform you see fit. I choose Instagram. It’s a little more private for me and I can control who looks at my stuff and who I follow. (Ironic I am talking about privacy when this blog is now public.) For those of you who know me, you know how much I love my community. I’m constantly trying to get others involved, and I’m always doing something. Whenever I meet people I tell them how much I love it here and I never want to leave. All this is true! So when I read her post on the 30 day challenge, I thought to myself I cannot wait to do this when I get back home!

I didn’t want to wait to start at the beginning of the month. I wanted to feel inspired and post something that meant a lot to me that I could share with my friends. So my first picture was that of Valley Street. Valley Street runs from the bottom of Columbia up to Kossuth Street in Lafayette. It is a curvy, winding road, and lined with spectacular trees. It is one of my guilty pleasures to take when I need to go somewhere. Not a shortcut by any means, in fact it takes a little longer, but I enjoy the slowness of the drive and I love to take in my surroundings.
I feel this is a little hidden gem of my city and I wanted to share with people.

So if you were on Instagram or Twitter please feel free to follow me @pink_dawn

Here’s my picture Valley Street, I hope you enjoy it.


Let’s see…

)…what happens. Over what about four years ago I made my blog private because of a coworker and it ended with me leaving said job and really looking a lot of things in my life. That was the start of the end of a horrible chapter in my life.  We are no longer going to speak of it. I am not going to delete the old posts, but I will keep them password protected. I can’t erase the past, but I also do have to let everyone in either.

I have been thinking a lot about goals and direction in my life and where I want to go. I am going to see if I can use this as a sounding board to do so. Maybe people will like what they read, maybe they won’t. I can’t control anyone but myself. I learned you should should focus on what you can control and what can’t be control should be a concern if need be. And the ratio should be 80/20 – 80% or more of my focus should be on what I can control. That has really helped me with things in my life, especially stress.

So I got married and it was awesome. When it came time for the wedding, I didn’t stress about what I couldn’t control. I also reminded myself that it is only a wedding. Wilbur and I are going to have many more special days in our lives. Focus on the important and don’t freak out because your cake isn’t what you asked for – no one will know the difference and it will still taste the same. Guess what? It tasted awesome and no one knew and I didn’t care – I chuckled and kissed my  new husband and ate cake.




Taken by Michael Dick of http://www.isphotographic.com